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Invisalign - Video Testimonials


When Sandra made the decision to get Invisalign clear aligners, her life changed in many ways. Listen to her talk about the differences before and after her Invisalign treatment.


Even though Vicky had braces as a teenager, she noticed that her teeth were shifting again in her twenties. She made the decision to get Invisalign, and talks about how the clear aligners improved her self-esteem as a professional and as a mother.


Follow as Katrina reflects on the end of her Invisalign treatment and looks forward to the future with a beautiful new smile.



Jessica won an Invisalign treatment from a contest hosted by Elle Magazine. See what Jessica has to say as we catch up with her during treatment.

Mike and Stephanie

Sal and Erin


E.J. talks about what Invisalign aligners feel like while wearing them to straighten his teeth.


Kelsey talks about how Invisalign Teen fits into her busy schedule.


Fred discusses his Invisalign clear aligners and why he chose them over traditional metal braces. Not only does Fred love the look of his smile, but he enjoys that he can play sports and surf without worrying about metal brackets cutting his lips.


Listen to Kate talk about the advantage of Invisalign clear aligners versus braces, and why she’s so glad she’s made the decision to use Invisalign clear aligners! Now during school dances, pictures, and selfies with her friends, Kate doesn’t have to worry about the look of traditional metal braces.


Is Invisalign Teen comfortable? Nicole talks about how Invisalign Teen fits into her active lifestyle.


Playing sports with Invisalign Teen. Christopher compares his experience with metal braces and Invisalign Teen.


Maddie tells us why Invisalign works for her as a singer.


Danielle tells us about her "always on the go" son Ryan and how Invisalign Teen clear aligners fit into his hectic lifestyle.


Karen shares Alex's story about his struggle with metal braces early on and his new attitude now that he wears Invisalign Teen aligners.


Randall talked her mom into letting her get Invisalign Teen instead of metal braces. Her mom, Sandi, just wanted her to have nice teeth. Randall's Invisalign Teen treatment has been 100% positive!


Jennifer's daughter Taylor loves being on stage. Invisalign Clear Braces helped her focus on her acting and not her smile.


16 year old Danni has always wanted a perfect smile like her identical sister Nicki. With Invisalign Teen’s clear aligners, she’s on her way to the smile she’s always dreamed of.


So excited to be working with Invisalign Teen in bringing you guys this, and along with me on my journey!